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Let's face it, staying healthy is not easy.  Even more difficult is recovering from an illness or injury.  These days, healthcare can seem very confusing even with all of the new medical technologies available.  On top of that, the healthcare industry often treats us like a number or a statistic instead of an individual.  Sometimes it feels like nobody is listening.

I will listen to you and treat you like an individual.  I will explain why you are in pain.  I will develop and implement a treatment plan that will get you better as fast as possible.  And if I can't get you better, than I will refer you to someone who can!


Conditions Treated

Treatment Available

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    Spinal Disc Bulges
    Spinal Degeneration
    Muscle Strains and Sprains 
    Whiplash Injury
    Pinched Nerve
    Spinal Misalignment

Middle Back
    Rib Pain
    Muscle Strains
    Joint Sprains
    Shoulder Blade Pain
    Spinal Degeneration
    Pinched Nerve

Lower Back
    Bulged / Herniated Disc
    Disc Degeneration
    Pinched Nerve
    Sciatic Pain
    SIJ Sprain
    Muscle Strains 
    Joint Sprains


    Rotator Cuff Injury
    AC Joint Separation
    Joint Arthritis
    Cartilage Tears

    Hip Arthritis
    Muscle and Joint Strain/Sprain
    Cartilage Tears

Knees and Ankles
    Patellar Tendonitis
    Crucitate andCollateral     LigamentTears
    Hamstring/Quad/Calf Muscle Strains
    Sprained Ankles
    Heel Spur
    Meniscus Injury

Elbow and Wrist
    Carpal Tunnel
    Golfers Elbow
    Tennis Elbow
    Peripheral Nerve 

Chiropractic Adjustment
 The most common therapeutic procedure performed by doctors of chiropractic is known as “spinal manipulation,” also called “chiropractic adjustment.”   The purpose of manipulation is to restore joint mobility by manually applying a controlled force into joints that have become hypomobile – or restricted in their movement – as a result of a tissue injury. Tissue injury can be caused by a single traumatic event, such as improper lifting of a heavy object, or through repetitive stresses, such as sitting in an awkward position with poor spinal posture for an extended period of time. In either case, injured tissues undergo physical and chemical changes that can cause inflammation, pain, and diminished function for the sufferer. Manipulation, or adjustment of the affected joint and tissues, restores mobility, thereby alleviating pain and muscle tightness, and allowing tissues to heal.
American Chiropractic Association Definition

Myofascial Release
Fascia is a seamless web of
connective tissuethat covers and connects the muscles, organs, and skeletal structures in our body, which is located between the skin and the underlying structure of muscle and bone. Muscle and fascia form the myofascial system.  Injuries, stress, inflammation, trauma, and poor posture can cause restriction to fascia. Since fascia is an interconnected web, the restriction or tightness to fascia at a place, with time can spread to other places in the body like a pull in a sweater. The goal of myofascial release is to release fascia restriction and restore its tissue health in order to decrease pain, increase range of motion, and restore proper biomechanics.  This is accomplished through deep pressure techniques to the restricted fascia.

Neuromuscular Re-education
Neuromuscular re-education is used to improve balance, coordination and posture by retraining faulty muscle patterns that cause pain, loss of range of motion and joint injury.  These faulty muscle patterns can arise slowly over time because of bad posture or may be due to an acute injury.  Muscles normally work together in harmony in order to accomplish a task such as lifting a box.  Certain muscles must contract while others relax.  Improper muscle patterns form when this balance becomes disrupted due to tight, weak or injured muscles.  This technique restores this balance through stretching, balancing, postural retraining, or strengthening exercises.

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